How can I fix missing pages in my book?

There are a few possible causes for missing images so we've listed a few things you can try below that usually help with this problem.

First, we recommend double checking that you’re connected to a strong, reliable, fast wifi network and that you’re using the most up-to-date version of SimplePrints. While these may sound like extremely basic tips, they really do account for most problems that get reported to us and they only take a few seconds to check and fix.

Next, you should check that you have adequate space available on the device you have SimplePrints installed on. We recommend that you have at least 1GB available on your device to ensure iCloud and any social media accounts can download the photos you select to your device. You can free up space by removing old apps you don’t use and by backing up photos, videos, and other files to iCloud or another cloud storage service. Once this has been done, please restart your phone.

Finally, the most common cause of missing images is a broken connection with iCloud. Reestablishing the connection is very easy to do by following these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Photos' app on your device and open some of the photos that are currently showing as 'Failed to Save'.
  2. Turn your device off and then turn it back on. This should help to re-establish a connection with iCloud.
  3. Log out of iCloud and then log back in. 
  4. Return to your project in the SimplePrints app and tap on the photos that failed to save. 

If your images are very large, it may take longer than usual for them to finish uploading to our server. Sometimes just reopening the app will be enough but to be safe we recommend keeping the app open for about 5 minutes without allowing the phone to lock or go to sleep.

Usually, photos that fail to save will have an error message on them in the app stating “Failed to Save - Tap to Retry”; however, in some cases, images may appear fine in the app but have failed to save to our server. You can verify whether an image has successfully been saved to our server by using the web preview link - this is provided in your purchase confirmation email or may have been provided in an email from our support team. 

If you're still having trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at for further assistance. 

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