Can I use SimplePrints on more than one device?

For best results, we recommend only using our app on a single device. Our app saves in the background, so if you open it on another device you end up with two versions of your project saving to our server at the same time, which can cause errors and lost edits. If you do need to open the SimplePrints app on a new device, we recommend you force close the app on the first device before opening it on the second. When you are done using it on the second device, please force close the app again before reopening on your first device. You can click on these links to learn how to force close:

  • iOS (iPhone 8 and earlier, iPad with iOS 11 and earlier, iPod Touch): tap the Home button twice, then swipe away the SimplePrints app to close it.
  • iOS (iPhone X and later, iPad with iOS 12): from the Home screen, swipe up from the bottom and stop near the center of the screen. Swipe left or right to find the SimplePrints app and then continue swiping up to close the app.
  • Android: tap the Overview button or long press the Home button (depending upon your specific device functionality) to open a list of currently running apps. Scroll through until you find the SimplePrints app and then swipe it away to close it.
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