How do I edit my project after purchase?

IMPORTANT: Please only follow these instructions if you have received a recommendation or authorization from the SimplePrints support team to edit your purchased item. Edits made without authorization will not be included in your printed order. Requests to change or edit an order may be sent to within 2 hours after purchase.

Instructions for iOS

Instructions for Android

For iOS:

If you would prefer to view a tutorial video on how to edit after purchase, please click HERE.

  • To edit your item after purchase, please return to the SimplePrints app, tap on Projects , toggle over to Purchased, and locate your project. Please Note: If your project has been archived, please follow the instructions here to restore it before editing.
  • Below each project, you will find “If you need to edit this purchased item, tap here” (see below). Tapping the link will bring up a dialog asking you to confirm you have contacted our support team. If you have not already done so, please contact SimplePrints support before making any changes. To proceed with your edits, tap Yes, I contacted . Do not duplicate your project to perform edits after purchase - this will not successfully change your purchased item. 

  • Complete any necessary changes and tap Preview in the upper right corner once you are done. Review the preview to ensure your project looks ready to print and then tap Next to continue. A dialog will open instructing you to confirm your changes via email - tap Contact Us to be redirected to your email client and send us confirmation that your item is ready to print. 

(Please note: If you receive a No email account is set up pop-up alert, this usually means that you have not set up a default email account on your mobile device to send & receive emails. Simply tap OK and send us a separate email confirming your item is ready to print).

For Android:

  • To edit your item after purchase, please ensure you have contacted SimplePrints support before making any changes
  • Next, locate your project on the My Photo Books screen and tap the title of your book to open the Edit Book screen. 
  • Make your necessary changes and return to the My Photo Books screen through the menu in the upper left corner of the app. 
  • Do not place a new order for your book - your edits will be saved automatically. Email SimplePrints support to confirm you have completed your changes and that your order is ready to print. 
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