How do I place an order for canvas?

On iOS: After you’ve finished creating your canvas, tap "Preview" to open the preview. We recommend taking a moment to review your canvas to make sure everything looks the way you want it to before tapping "Checkout". On the "Checkout" screen you may add a recipient, choose a shipping method, and enter your payment details. A breakdown of your total cost will also be displayed on this page. Once you’ve entered all the information, tap "Place Order" to submit payment and complete your purchase. We’ll send a confirmation email to your registered email address with all of your order information. Please take a moment to review your shipping address and order details in the email we send. If you notice any mistakes or need to make a last minute change, you can contact us at within 2 hours after your order was placed to request an update.

On Android: Canvas is currently only available on iOS devices.

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