What is the Pixel Stretch Effect on Canvas Prints?

When there is not enough image to cover the edges of the canvas, we stretch the five pixels along the edges of your photo to wrap around the sides of the canvas. A canvas print may have some edges printed with Pixel Stretch effect while others do not, depending on the photo used and its placement during creation.

This effect allows up to 36% more of your photo to print on the face of the canvas, rather than be cropped off due to wrapping. This way, you get a gallery wrapped look with any image you choose without losing any of it in the edges.

When will Pixel Stretch Effect be used?  
If the image does not cover the entire canvas, pixel stretching will be used as needed on the sides. Pixel stretching will never be used on the front of a canvas print. 

In the example photos below, you can see how a different orientation or cropping can affect the pixel stretch applied to the same photo.

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