How much will my SimplePrints Photo Book cost?

Our books come with a minimum of 20 pages. Below are the costs for the base price and additional pages:

Book Size / Cover Minimum Cost
(20 pages)
Cost per Extra Pages
12 x 12
$54.99 +$1.20/page
8 x 8
$29.99 +$0.60/page
8 x 8
$14.99 +$0.60/page

Additional Options
Standard Paper: Included - 300 max pages
Premium Paper: +$0.25 per page - 256 max pages
Photo Lustre Paper (iOS only): +$0.95 per page - 234 max pages  (hardcover only) 

Custom Back Cover (iOS only): +$1.00 per book

Shipping costs vary and will be calculated based on the size, weight, shipping method, and destination of your purchase. Shipping fees for your order may be viewed on the checkout page.

Users outside the US may receive pricing in their local currency depending upon device settings and availability.

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