Why can’t I log in with Facebook or access my photos on Facebook and Instagram?

SimplePrints is committed to the safety, privacy, and security of our users. Over the past few years, there have been growing concerns about how Facebook collects data and tracks the activity of their users, both on their own website and app, as well as others. Many of our own users have asked us about the safety of using Facebook to log in to their SimplePrints account or expressed that they do not wish to use this method to log in anymore. 

While we understand that connecting with Facebook is convenient for some users, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue allowing Facebook login or direct connection to photos through Facebook and Instagram. 

To log in to SimplePrints if you previously used Facebook login:

SimplePrints supports logins with an email address and password, Google Account, or Apple ID.  Please contact support at hello@simpleprints.com for assistance switching to one of these login methods.

To use Facebook photos in your SimplePrints projects:

You may save Facebook photos to your iOS device and then upload them to your SimplePrints project from your device. You can also save photos from Facebook to another cloud service we connect with, like Google Photos or iCloud.

Saving Photos from Facebook using your computer:

Saving photos from Facebook using your iPhone/iPad:

Saving photos from Facebook using your Android Device:

To use Instagram photos in your SimplePrints projects:

You can take a screenshot of your Instagram photos if you no longer have the original image. Please be aware that screenshots may not produce high resolution prints, especially on larger products. Be sure to crop your screenshots to remove any undesirable icons or interface elements before uploading to SimplePrints!

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