Can I use screenshots? How can I use photos from the web?

While you may use screenshots in your project, we highly recommend against this practice. When you take a screenshot of an image, you not only capture the photo but anything else that was visible on the screen as well. This often means ugly black bars, toolbars, captions, social media icons/headers, or even loading symbols may also be visible on your photos and get printed onto your final product. Additionally, screenshots usually result in a much lower quality print than you would have achieved if you’d uploaded the original image file.

We recommend that you save photos from Facebook or the web to your device, instead.

To save images from the web:

Most photos on the web can be saved by tapping and holding down on the image until a menu pops up. If you are allowed to save the image, there will be an option in that menu you may tap to save the image.

To save Facebook images:

Saving photos from Facebook using your iPhone/iPad:

Saving photos from Facebook using your Android Device:

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