How do I add cover text?

For iOS:

To add cover text to your book, simply tap on your cover image to open our cover editor. From there, tap on Layout and scroll through the available layouts to select the one you would like to use. There are several layouts to choose from, each with either black or white font available. If your cover photo needs to be adjusted, you may drag and/or pinch to zoom to position the photo on the page. Tap on Cover Title and Subtitle, if applicable, to add the cover text you would like. You may also tap on Font to select the font type you would like to use, as well. For layouts with floating text, you may drag and/or pinch to zoom to change the size or position of the cover text. When you’re finished, tap Book View on the top left side of the screen to save.

You may view a video tutorial for adding cover text on iOS here.

For Android:

To add cover text to your book, simply tap the cover image and then tap Add Cover Text. Once you reach the cover editor, tap on Tap to add text to start typing your cover text. When you are finished typing your cover text, tap on any white space around the cover page. To edit the font type, scroll through the available fonts by swiping left or right. You can also select black or white font color and tap the + or - to increase or decrease the font size. To move the text on the page, tap and hold the text and then drag it to the desired position. When you are finished with your cover text, tap Done to return to the book.

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