How can I split my photo book project into two books?

On iOS:

If you need to split a large photo book project into two (or more) smaller books, the easiest way to do this is to duplicate your original project. Locate your project in Drafts on the Projects tab in the app - if you've already purchased your book, you may need to toggle over to the Purchased tab. Using the Duplicate button next to your project in the app, create as many duplicates as the number of new books you'd like to create. 

Pick the spot in your book where you'd like the first book to end and the new one to start and then delete all pages after that point. Then, open the second duplicate project and delete all the pages prior to where the first book ends. Repeat this process for any additional projects you've created. You may keep the cover photos and titles the same or select new photos and retitle your additional books. 

On Android:

Please contact our support team for assistance with duplicating your project as this cannot be done within the app. You may then proceed with the steps above to delete the necessary pages. 

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