I need help with a damaged or defective item.

We're very sorry that there's an issue with your purchase! Our support team would be more than happy to assist with any issue you've experienced with your order. To get help, please email hello@simpleprints.com and include the following information where possible or relevant:

  • A detailed but concise description of the problem (example: "Our mailman left the package out in the rain and the book has water damage" or "There are photos in my collage on page #40 in the app that don't appear in my printed book.").
  • Photos of the problem or affected printed item, as well as photos of the packaging if reporting damage.
  • The SIMPLEP number from the back of the affected book, or the order number in the case of canvas or metal prints.

Our team will be happy to investigate to determine the cause of the problem. In cases where an issue was caused by a manufacturing or technical error on our end, we can offer a replacement at no additional cost to you. All other issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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